My Incredibly Brief Windows 10 Review

Why brief?  You’re not here for an in depth analysis, you’re just here for an opinion, so here is mine. An operating system is designed to enable you to do what you want to do without getting n your way.  Windows 10 seems to do just that.  Here are my observations: Microsoft have given us […]

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Magento cron.php not working

Sometimes on a Magento install the cron.php will not run as expected and various important automatic events do not occur.  In the latest version this even means that email are not sent. Magento doesn’t have an easy, built in way to see whether things are working as they should be.  I use the free plugin, […]

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Some Free Web Design Icons

Here are few icons that you’re free to use if you want. I knocked them up this morning for a web design project I’m working on and thought it would be nice to share.  

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Magento Contact Form Not Working

Recently I had a problem with a Magento installation with my Magento contact form was working. The symptoms were that the Magento Contact form was displayed correctly, but when submitted no email was sent. The Issue was traced to the form action which had nothing in it.  In the code (file is template/contact/form.phtml) the form […]

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Concrete5 logo

Concrete5 Review – Open Source CMS’s

This is my Concrete5 review, the second of my content management system (CMS) reviews comparing alternatives to Wordpress.

The system can be found here:

I have never come across Concrete5 before and don’t have any preconceptions about the system.

So here is my Concrete5 review.

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30 Day Challenge – Why it’s Turned into a 90 Day Challenge

My 30 day challenge was begun on 15 Feb, exactly 65 days ago. I’m now 74 days into a 30 day challenge and it’s not complete; not a good sign. In a previous post I did say that despite being a “30 day” challenge, the main aim was to use some of my spare time to do something useful to build a niche site.

With that in mind I’m going to briefly recap how far I’ve got with it and what the next steps are to make it start to get some good traffic and make a bit of money.

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My Favourite Cup

How to Supercharge Your Tea Break

My Favourite Cup

I read an interesting article on the Harvard Business Review Website recently about research that finds that Coffee Breaks Don’t Boost Productivity After All.

Can it really be true that all of the standard thinking that you benefit from regular breaks from work is misleading?

The findings of this report say that you only get the expected benefits if you do something work related.

going outside for fresh air during microbreaks showed no statistical relationship to vitality and fatigue levels. Helping a coworker did, though. The idea seems to be that when you’re in the middle of work, you’ll do better and feel better if you focus just on work.

I live in England and our standard break involves a cup of tea.  Wherever you are, you’ll probably have a standard 10 minute break routine.  But whether it’s tea, coffee or going for a brisk walk, it could be a good idea to alter your thinking.

Rather than trying to disconnect from work completely and relaxing, how about using your break to think about work in a different way.

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CMS Made Simple review – Open Source CMS’s

CMS Made Simple Review

This is my CMS Made Simple review, the first of my content management system (CMS) reviews comparing alternatives to Wordpress.

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) is an open source PHP based CMS first released in 2004.  It was designed primarily for editable static-ish websites rather than blogs.  However CMSMS has plugins which enable other implementations such as blogs and ecommerce.

The system can be found here:

Last time I made a website using CMSMS it was on version 1.6.  Now it is on version 1.11, so I’m interested to see whether there have been major changes to the usability of the system over the last few years.

So here is my CMS Made Simple review.

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Which is the Best Free CMS?

I’ve been building websites for several years now, and my default setting, like many others, has become to use Wordpress for nearly everything. Wordpress has such a wide user base now that it powers “over 60 million” websites (source

In reality the true number of Wordpress powered sites is probably far more than 60 million, but whatever the actual figure, it’s a large portion of the web.

It set me wondering whether we all use Wordpress so much because it’s the best, or just because of the internet herd mentality that says we need to do what others are doing.

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Why I’ve switched (mostly) from ManageWP to InfiniteWP

Managing a lot of different Wordpress sites can be a daunting prospect. I don’t have nearly as many sites as lots of marketers and yet I still always used to struggle with keeping up to date with Wordpress, Plugin and Theme updates.

managewp vs infinitewp


InfiniteWP and ManageWP [affiliate link] are both applications that take away a lot of the hard work of managing your Wordpress sites.  You don’t have to log in to each admin to check for updates; with each service they’re all managed from central control panel.

In this article I’m going to discuss the similarities and differences between the 2 services and tell you why, while I’m signed up to both services, InfiniteWP is now my “go to” Wordpress utility.

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