Divi and Toolset – FAQ Custom Post Type Setup

I’m a big fan of using the WordPress theme Divi as it provides most of the functionality you need for most sites and has a brilliant, active support community.

Where Divi won’t suffice on its own I often use Toolset from wp-types.com to give additional functionality:

  • Types for custom post types, fields and taxonomies
  • Views for displaying custom post types
  • Maps for displaying maps related to those post types

One area I think Divi can be greatly enhanced is in the use of a custom post type instead a using Divi module repeatedly.  This is especially true when you want to make it easier for a client to handle the running of their website themselves.

Let’s use the example of using a toggle module to display your FAQs. With raw Divi you need to find the relevant page, clone an existing FAQ and change the Heading and Text fields inside the toggle module.  This is not a particularly onerous task, but it can get more complicated if you have sections with different categories of FAQ ad in the FAQ layout pack from the Elegant Themes Blog.

My solution for this is to use Types to create the following:

  • Custom Post Type:
    • Name: FAQs
    • Slug: faq
  • Custom Taxonomy:
    • Name: FAQ Category
    • Slug: faq-category
  • Views:
    • Taxonomy view that loops through the faq-category taxonomies and displays the FAQ category title
    • Post view that displays the FAQs for the parent faq-category

So in this example the website user goes to the FAQ post type in the admin menu, clicks Add New, add title and content, selects a category and saves.  There’s much less to go wrong than when a client uses the Divi builder.

If you want to download the module you can get it here:


You will need to have Types and Views installed to use this module.

To use it you need to first install the Divi theme.  You also need to install Types and Views plugins from wp-types.com.

To install, go to your admin and click Toolset >> Export/Import.  Click Modules, select the module file and import.  You then need to create some items in the FAQ post type and finally add the taxonomy view to a page.

I hope this is useful to Divi / Toolset fans.  I plan to add a series of modules to achieve similar things.  For example on this website the Services, Testimonials and Resources are all custom post types displayed with Views.

Disclaimer. The links to Toolset in this article are affiliate links.


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