Old Pond Publishing Case Study

The Challenge

The aim of this project to update an old and outdated ecommerce website to a modern, responsive and easy to use site.

The challenge involved ensuring the design remained familiar to the existing user base, whilst adding more modern features.

The Solution

The solution to this challenge was to build a bespoke ecommerce website, showcasing the products in a modern way.

Despite the modernity of functionality of the website, the design links closely to traditional themes and values of the land working community.

Full Website Redesign

Modern Yet Traditional

Integrated WordPress Blog





Increased Revenue

Increase in Sales

Mobile Refresh

Post rebuild the traffic from mobile users jumped from <15% to >39% highlighting the benefits of responsive websites

Increase in Sales Conversions

Sales conversion rate increased from 4.6% to 7.3% post re-launch

Increased Revenue

Revenue increased by over 18% in first year of new site going live

Integrated Solution

Integration with fulfilment centre gives reduced workload for support staff

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