If you’re looking for a specialist Magento host, Magemojo are well worth a look.  Their USP is that they exist to serve the Magento market and as such their hosting setup is wholly geared towards making your Magento site run quickly and securely.

Their hosting packages are lightning fast.  By transferring to Magemojo, without making any other changes, I saw page load times halved on one Magento site. In addition they offer a free migration service to transfer an existing Magento store onto their hosting.

The support team are fast and knowledgeable.  I have contacted them on many occasions and average response time is 5-10 mins, usually with a solution. Their Magento knowledge is also at a very high level, meaning that support requests are going to people who are specifically associating your problems with a Magento installation.

As an example I have asked them if they can make a copies of Magento sites onto a staging sub-domain for me, and they have come back and said it’s done and ready to use in…hang on I’ll log in and check… 1 hour and 5 minutes.  For 3 sites.  If that’s not good response time I don’t know what is.

Magemojo have their own, easy to use admin panel in place of cPanel and I don’t have any complaints about it.  Any issues and you get a support reply in minutes anyway.

I’ll stop gushing now.