Toolset is a brilliant and multi-faceted set of tools for customising WordPress sites.  The Toolset consists of a number of plugins that add incredible functionality to your WordPress site.

Toolset’s main components are:

WP Types – Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomies, Custom Taxonomy Fields.  Build any type of site with whatever post types you want.

WP Views – Allows you to create custom content templates, archive templates etc. and apply them to specific post types.  Views gets even more powerful when you use it to create custom filtered searches for your data.

WP Layouts – Adds layout functionality. To be honest the layouts are not the best part of Toolset and I usually use a trusted theme instead.

WP maps – Adds map functionality to your views and layouts.

WP Access – Create custom user groups and set access levels for each group.  Useful for building sites with members only content.

WP Cred – Frontend forms.  Another useful tool for adding customisations to your sites.