Magento Contact Form Not Working

Magento Contact Form Not Working

Recently I had a problem with a Magento installation with my Magento contact form was working. The symptoms were that the Magento Contact form was displayed correctly, but when submitted no email was sent. The Issue was traced to the form action which had nothing in...
Magento Contact Form Not Working

Magento Review From the Perspective of a Store Owner

I’ve been using Magento for over a year now, so have the knowledge to write an informed review about the community version from the point of view of an ecommerce store owner.  You may get plenty of reviews from SEO’s or web developers, here I will try to review it as a reasonably knowledgeable techy, but not a professional developer, but more importantly as an ecommerce store owner.

Magento is now probably the best (free) ecommerce software available.  I say this after having researched and researched just over a year ago to decide which platform to switch too.  My websites used to use osCommerce, and while I don’t want to go into a long talk about that platform, there were 3 main reasons to switch:

  • The necessity for PCI compliance
  • The need for multiple stores with one stock system
  • The slowness of the release cycle of osCommerce

Magento turned out to be the best free option to give me all that my previous shopping cart had, plus meet these criteria.