More Ways to Monetize a WordPress Site.

More Ways to Monetize a WordPress Site.

Monetize is a common word in internet parlance. But it can often be the hardest part of turning a hobby site into a resource that can make you some money. ¬†Whether you’re running your site for a hobby or you’ve deliberately set it up as a money making enterprise, it’s always more enjoyable to make updates that you know are contributing to your income.

There are so many sites that are interesting, get traffic and provide a useful resource for their users. But the people who run these sites do so out of love, passion and in some cases, habit.

So what does “monetize” mean?

  1. Convert into or express in the form of currency.
  2. Adapt (a society) to the use of money.

We’re obviously looking at the first of these, unless you’re a dictator in an underdeveloped nation (and if so I think you should be looking elsewhere for advice).

It’s a way to convert the value of the content you provide for your users into an income for yourself. ¬†It’s essentially a fair trade of knowledge (content) for money.